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Benefits of Fiber

Although fiber has many great benefits in maintaining good physical health, we are actually referring to fiber optic internet service. Did you know there are some pretty great benefits to it as well? For starters, there is one main thing that sets it apart from DSL, cable and fixed wireless…that’s SPEED. With download speeds available up

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Your Questions Have Been Answered!

Futiva continues to grow and expand, bringing fiber optic internet options to families in several Southern Illinois communities. We can’t do what we do without you. Here are some frequently asked questions about our service.   Q: Is Futiva fiber available everywhere? A: Not at this time. But we are working hard to expand services

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Futiva Hosted Communications provides unified communications services to you based on rates set forth in the relevant Service Addendum.  Effective November 1, 2015, the following rate changes will take effect: Terminating calls to Alaska and Hawaii from the lower U.S. 48 states will be rated on the State Code. Calls to Alaska landline and mobile

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Futiva to Bring Fiber to Marion IL

Futiva is very excited to announce that we are bringing fiber optic internet connectivity to Marion, IL! With unlimited bandwidth capabilities, we can now provide you with faster fiber internet service than you have ever experienced. The best part is NO contracts! If your business is located within Marion, IL call us today at 618-736-2901

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Top Reasons to Consider Hosted Communications

Top Reasons to Consider Hosted Communications Business Continuity When it comes to business continuity, small-to-medium-sized businesses cannot afford to experience extended downtime. Hosted Unified Communications systems provide the tools to keep your business up and running, even if the unthinkable happens, whether a storm knocks out power or a telephone pole goes down, your business

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