Advanced Call Routing Features Added to the Futiva Hosted Communications Platform

Advanced Call Routing Capture

Advanced Call Routing Capabilities Now Make it More Simple.

The easy-to-use Futiva Hosted Communications solution has recently added a new way to manage all of your advanced call routing needs. With the release of this product improvement, users and administrators alike will have an easier, more flexible way of creating schedules for incoming calls to Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, and Call Center queues.

Users will notice right away a number of changes to the Customer Administration Portal, including a new Schedules tab that makes creating call routing schedules as simple as using an Outlook calendar. This tab is where users will be able to predetermine many types of inbound calling schedules –  including business hours, after hours, and holiday schedules. These schedules can be applied harmoniously throughout the entire PBX. There is also a new rules section under the Hunt Group and Auto Attendant tabs that give the end user even more control over how specific types of calls are handled.