Your Questions Have Been Answered!

Futiva continues to grow and expand, bringing fiber optic internetYour Questions have been answered options to families in several Southern Illinois communities.

We can’t do what we do without you. Here are some frequently asked questions about our service.


Q: Is Futiva fiber available everywhere?

A: Not at this time. But we are working hard to expand services in as many communities, businesses and homes as possible. Check out our coverage maps and be sure to check back often as we move forward.

Q: When will it come to my neighborhood?

A: We can’t pinpoint an exact date for everyone. The demand for Futiva fiber is enormous right now. Growing a fiber network is a huge investment, so Futiva’s coverage depends on demand. We then prioritize construction and the ability to keep expanding the network.

Q: How can I help get Futiva to consider our neighborhood?

A: Even though Futiva uses several avenues for marketing efforts, word of mouth has been the best form of marketing for us. You can help increase interest in your neighborhood by encouraging your neighbors to show their interest on Share this with your homeowners association board, neighbors and even city leaders. Attend meetings and community events and help spread the word about Futiva.

Q: What is the process of bringing fiber to my neighborhood?

A: This process does take some time. But the sooner we get started the faster you’re crusin’ on the information superhighway. When the interest level is high enough, Futiva will start the engineering and permitting process. This step takes about a month. After permits are in place, the construction phase starts. There are many stages of construction including: Locations through J.U.L.I.E., directional boring/plowing, pulling the fiber cable, splicing, outside premise work and the actual installation.

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