Benefits of Fiber

Although fiber has many great benefits in maintaining good physical health, we are actually referring to fiber optic internet service. Did you know there are some pretty great benefits to it as well?

For starters, there is one main thing that sets it apart from DSL, cable and fixed wireless…that’s SPEED. With download speeds available up to 1 Gig, you are no longer held hostage by slow or limited internet plans. Also, with fiber, you won’t notice your internet slowing down during peak hours of usage, like you might be experiencing with other types of internet.

Secondly, reliability should be toward the top of your list, especially if you are a business. Fiber is so much stronger that traditional copper lines. It’s also not susceptible to inclement weather conditions like copper cabling is.

Another added benefit is unlimited bandwidth. For businesses with a high need for data transmission, home users with heavy online gamers, or even homes that rely solely on streaming services for their television programming, it’s relatively easy to max out your “cap or limit” with your bandwidth plan. With Futiva fiber, you are getting unlimited bandwidth with any plan you choose.

Welcome symmetric speeds. That’s right! With fiber, you now have the option to receive symmetric speeds. Even though fast upload speeds are not necessary for everyone, users that upload video content, large files or do online gaming on a frequent basis will really benefit from subscribing to symmetric speeds. This is just something you won’t find with DSL, cable, or fixed wireless service providers.

There can also be big cost savings associated with fiber since it is widely considered to make your business more productive. If your business suffers from unreliable connectivity due to lack of options, your location from the central office or even weather, you could be losing thousands of dollars each year. Productivity issues that are directly attributed to slow or unreliable cable Internet could disappear with fiber.

Perhaps more importantly, your business will gain flexibility and scalability with fiber-optic Internet connectivity. If your IT team is hoping to move more applications and services to the cloud, a fiber connection can support these initiatives. Software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud storage, and VoIP are all business services that have enormous potential for cost savings and benefit significantly from fiber connectivity.