Managed Wi-Fi

Futiva is now offering Managed Wi-Fi service. This service will help you maximize the bandwidth Futiva brings to your door!

What does Managed Wi-Fi service provide?

        • It includes on GigaSpire Blast router and 1 extender/mesh unit if needed, so you can experience whole home coverage in every corner of your home.
  • Our trained technicians will optimize your Wi-Fi where you need to use it the most.
  • No equipment to buy or replace, we take care of everything.
  • Most Wi-Fi issues can be troubleshooted or resolved remotely with this plan. Service calls pertaining to bandwidth or Wi-Fi connectivity are included in this plan.

What is a GigaSpire Blast router? 

The GigaSpire BLAST u12 is a ultimate smart home system that delivers the latest ‘Wi-Fi 6’ technology. The GigaSpire give your home the very best Wi-Fi coverage available, using the latest 802.11ax technology and a combined total of 12 antennas between the 2.4 and 5 GHz radios.

What is an extender/mesh unit?

An extender/mesh unit is a device that extends your Wi-Fi signal. We strongly recommend that you place your router in the center of your house, giving your Wi-Fi bandwidth maximum reach. However, some homes do require an extender/mesh unit to push that signal beyond the router’s capacity.

For only $9.99/month, this service can be added to any residential fiber internet service plan.