Futiva Fiber is an unlimited fiber optic Internet connection bringing fast, reliable, and contract free internet to your home or business. 

While Futiva Fiber isn’t available in all locations, it is our goal to reach as many communities, businesses, and homes as possible. By filling out our fiber interest form, Futiva will know that you are interested and requesting service. This helps us plan to build our network in the future. 

Yes. Futiva offers both business and residential services.

  • Internet speeds up to 1Gig
  • Local Hosted Telephone Service
  • Managed Wi-Fi Service (must have our fiber internet to subscribe to this service).

Once we have received your request for Futiva Fiber a representative from our team will review it. If Futiva cannot fulfill the request right away a representative will contact you with an explanation of future plans. If we are able to provide service the following steps will occur:

  1. A Non-Refundable Fiber Facility Activation Fee of $500(Business) or a Commitment/Order Fee of $100(Residential) will be collected. Once received, a Service Order will be generated.
  2. Engineers will visit your location to determine entry points to the property as well as investigate utilities and right-of-ways. 
  3. Once engineered, we will apply for any needed city, state, or county permits.
  4. Once permits are received, the construction work will be scheduled in the following order:

Construction Phases

  1. JULIE – All underground utilities too and near the property must be located. This is commonly referred to as a JULIE.
  2. Directional Boring / Plowing – After the utilities have been marked our crews will schedule the underground work. We bring service to your location with directional boring and plowing. Any disturbance to the ground will be repaired by our crews after service has been installed. 
  3. Fiber Cable Pulled – The fiber cable will be pulled through the previously placed duct. This is an orange 1.25in conduit used to pull the fiber cable in underground. 
  4. Splicing – Perhaps the most delicate and important step of bringing you Futiva Fiber is splicing. Splicing is the joining of two fiber cables together. Fiber installs can take many splices to make your service possible.
  5. Clamshell – After splicing is completed a member of our team will place a gray box on the outside of the premise. This device will house the equipment and fiber before it enters the structure.
  6. Installation – Once all of the above steps are completed an installation will be scheduled and you are only days away from enjoying Futiva Fiber!

All business customers receiving fiber service will be required to pay a Non-Refundable $500 Fiber Facility Activation fee prior to any construction beginning. Residential customers will be subject to a $100 Non-Refundable Commitment/Order Fee. 

No. Futiva Fiber is 100% contract free. We want you to 100% love your service, not be bound by it. Our team is dedicated to providing the best experience!

To date, fiber optic internet is the fastest of all connections available. It’s ability to carry large amounts of data over long distances paired with it’s unlimited bandwidth capabilities make it the most reliable and fastest internet option. Cable and DSL services are limited by the copper lines within them and are far less capable of producing the speeds or distances associated with fiber. Fiber services greatly reduce latency (measured in milliseconds) or the ping of your services, resulting in decreased download and “wait” times.

The end user is responsible for providing any routers, switches, or wiring needed to accommodate your network. Futiva will bring service to a central location inside your home or business. As an added optional service, Futiva offers residential customers Managed Wi-Fi service for an additional $9.99/month. This service not only provides the customer with a commercial-grade wireless router, but also helps us to determine any issues you might be experiencing without requiring a service visit to your location. This service gives you peace of mind when it comes to Wi-Fi within your home. Additionally, we offer a FREE App – Command IQ. You will also get the features from Experience IQ and Protect IQ with your Managed Wi-Fi service. You are able to view your network, devices, Wi-Fi signal strength, conduct accurate speed tests, setup a guest network, parental controls, and so much more.

Futiva offers online pay through SmartHub. This is the fastest and easiest way to review and pay your monthly statement. You can also pay by phone by calling: 1-855-386-9912. You can also mail a personal check, money order or cashier’s check to our office – Futiva, P.O. Box 40, Dahlgren, IL 62828. 

If you wish to still receive a paper statement there will be a $5 processing fee added to each month’s bill.