About Us

“Futiva” was born in 2011 as an idea of a higher level of services. We were rolling out fiber-optic cabling at the time to provide state-of-the-art services, and we decided to brand anything under the fiber family – Futiva – The Future of Internet, Video and Access. In 2014, Futiva became its own company, a subsidiary of Hamilton County Telephone Co-op. Although the company Futiva is fairly new, it is backed by a cooperative spirit and over 60 years of telecommunications experience serving rural communities in Southern Illinois. Futiva is not individually owned, rather it is governed by a Board of Directors, a group of volunteers from our local community.

Our professionals provide affordable, high-speed internet service, and business and home telephone service throughout portions of seven counties right here in our area. We are a service-driven organization with an unwavering commitment to making and keeping happy customers – and neighbors. Our employees live, work and volunteer right here in our communities too.

So, what is Futiva? A powerfully simple way to move your home or business forward! Don’t get left behind with old technologies and slow or unaffordable internet, move forward with Futiva.