New Roku Update Can Cause Wi-Fi Interference

Do you own a Roku Smart TV or older version Roku Stick? Have you been seeing issues lately when trying to stream your favorite shows or movies?

According to the newest update, your Roku TV or Roku 3 Stick could be causing its own issues. Roku has added a feature called “Device Connect” on TV’s which broadcasts a constant WPS signal. This causes Wi-Fi interference resulting in lower signals not only for your TV, but all other wireless devices as well. On Roku 3 Sticks, the Roku will grab the same Wi-Fi channel as the nearest Wi-Fi access point (e.g. yours).  It will broadcast a Wi-Fi Direct SSID DIRECT-roku-123-A2 or “Hidden” on the same channel.  It will increase its power to stay above your access point if you up the transit power. The Roku has interference mitigation enabled by default.  This is technology which deliberately disrupts traffic to nearby Access Points to attempt to improve local traffic. Check out the link  below for instructions on how to turn off and disable these features.

Roku – Instructions on disabling “Device Connect” Features