Top Reasons to Consider Hosted Communications

Top Reasons to Consider Hosted Communications

  1. Business Continuity
    When it comes to business continuity, small-to-medium-sized businesses cannot afford to experience extended downtime. Hosted Unified Communications systems provide the tools to keep your business up and running, even if the unthinkable happens, whether a storm knocks out power or a telephone pole goes down, your business can remain online.


  1. Reduced Capital Expense
    Perhaps the most obvious advantage that hosted phone systems have over traditional legacy systems is how much less they cost to purchase, install, repair and maintain. This allows businesses of all sizes to free up dollars that are better spent elsewhere, like improving IT and network infrastructures to support hosted and cloud based initiatives.


  1. Feature Benefits
    Presence – the ability to send instant messages and see the availability status of co-workers whether they are at their desk or on their phone. Group chats and desktop sharing is also available with Presence. Customers now have the ability to see the desktop screen of the salesperson and be able to interact with them through Presence.

    Web Collaboration – the ability for people to join an online web meeting to watch presentations or view important content. This feature cuts down on travel time, lodging and even meals by allowing employees from all over the globe to conduct meetings remotely and more often.
    Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling for no additional charge.


  1. Fixed Mobile Convergence
    A salesperson needs to be reachable 24/7 but many do not like giving out their personal cell phone numbers. Fixed Mobile Convergence solves this problem by allowing salespeople to be reached using one number. Customers call the salesperson’s direct dial and the salesperson is able to take the call from their personal cell phone without having to give out their personal cell phone number.


    5. Faster Time to Market

Technology is constantly changing and becoming outdated quicker and quicker. You no longer have to buy a new phone because the software is outdated. A Hosted Unified Communications system automatically updates the software, features and applications, when they become available, directly to the phone without disturbing any calls.


Futiva Hosted Communications is dedicated to educating your business on the many advantages of using a truly unified communications solution. We focus on helping your business overcome obstacles and bring you new ways to communicate, share pertinent information, and get the answers and results your business demands, faster. Our line of communications products and services are specifically geared to make your employees more productive, saving you time and money. If your business is ready to make the switch to Futiva or you simply want to learn more how Futiva can work for you please contact us today at 618-736-2901 or 844-238-8482.