Notice – Upcoming Release of nCommand Client Version 21

Tuesday, April 19th at 7:00pm CST – A new version of the nCommand UCaaS soft client for desktop and mobile devices will become available. The new client will be made available in the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and online at at the same time. With this release we will be upgrading from Broadsoft Client version 20 to 21. This release is schedule midweek to better assist customers in transitioning.

The process of upgrading clients is as follows:

  • Desktop Client: Users will have to manually download the clients from respective sites and uninstall any old versions of the client.
  • Mobile Client: Clients will be updated automatically depending on the users device setting.

The upgrade will resolve the following issues:

  • Grey box appearance for OS X users when receiving an incoming call.
  • Remember password functionality not working for iOS users.
  • Conference calling ability not available from the desktop client.

Please be aware of the following:

  • You may see a Contact list mismatch warning, if you upgrade to the new client and then downgrade to the older. This issue can be resolved by uninstalling the client completely and reinstalling the newer client.
  • End users will need to reenter the desktop sharing credentials after downloading the Desktop client. Current User Name can be found in Preferences > Credential section of the client. 
  • The desktop client allows for a maxiumum of 10 windows open for chat in Windows OS and 20 in OSX. This will be the standard moving forward.

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