Fiber: It’s Not Just for Breakfast – Part 1, Security

If you hear the word fiber and the first thing you think about is what is in your breakfast cereal, this blog is for you.

Futiva Hosted Communications offers fiber optic Internet as an option. There are many benefits to using this over a cable connection.

FiberFirst, let’s get the technical explanation out of the way. Fiber optic Internet uses small, flexible strands of glass to transmit information. This allows the information to be sent further and faster than traditional cable Internet. Cable speed rates vary as do the latency rates. Because it requires shared bandwidth, many times speed is determined by the number of neighbors online at the same time as you. While cable is considered fast by most, buckle up because fiber optic is even faster. Download speeds can range between 25 Mbps up to 1 Gig. Upload speeds are between 3 Mbps up to 1 Gig.

Whether it’s for home or business use, you want to always have a secure Internet connection. Fiber optic Internet uses the latest technology, but it is up to the user to secure their networks and routers with firewalls and other safety measures.

There is no electricity involved in a fiber optic line, so it doesn’t face interference from power lines, which can cut the risk for fire.

Fiber can take a beating from Mother Nature, too. When traditional cable lines may be snapped and broken during a storm, fiber is often unaffected. The line can be submerged in water and handle changes in temperature better than cable as well.

If you want to discuss the options involved with changing your service to fiber optic and the plans available at Futiva, we’d love to help. Call us at 844-2Futiva!