Hosted Fax – The New Fax Machine

Hosted FaxFaxing – admit it, the very word sends chills down your spine. The thought of blowing the dust off of that noisy, bulky machinery that you shut off to stop receiving that influx of “Free Vacation!” fliers just to send a document that may or may not make it to the intended receiver. Better yet, if you don’t have your own fax machine, you have to find someone who does and then pay them for the right to use it!

Though emails and texting seem like they would have killed off the fax machine long ago, it still does exist. Doctors, lawyers, and even sales professionals still depend on the machine, claiming it is for security and HIPPA purposes or that it makes them stand out in a digital world. Many business-to-business transactions still request the use of the 50-year-old machine as well.

Well, it’s time to stop dreading the fax with hosted faxing from Futiva! Hosted faxing is a great way to receive and send faxes while still keeping everything paper-free and digital.

Sending a fax is easy with our hosted portal. Rather than fussing with the machine, trying to remember if you need to put a 1 in front of the number, and praying that you don’t get the dreaded fail beeps, you can simply open the portal to send your document. In the portal, you can choose the fax number you would like to send your fax to. You can even have multiple fax recipients in one single transaction! From there, you simply upload the file (PDF) that you would like to send from your computer, and click send! It’s that simple! After you have sent the fax, you can check the status of the fax to be sure it has sent. You can learn more about how to send a hosted fax by checking out our video on our YouTube channel.

Receiving a fax is even easier with hosted fax as well! Forget random documents printing at odd hours where anyone can access it. With hosted faxing, documents are sent to the portal to be collected in one location. Whoever has access to this portal can then go through the faxes and print them off, email them to the employee who needs the paperwork, or even save them to a file on your computer.

Our hosted faxing services start at $9.99 per month, no contract or other services required. If you are ready to ditch your fax, give us a call! We can discuss the best options for you or your business when you call 844-2Futiva.