We Need Speed!

Need SpeedWe’ve talked before about what Internet speed is and some of the terms used to describe it. So why do you need a high-speed connection?

Our experts say your need for speed depends on what you’re doing online. For example, if you’re just reading and sending emails and checking out regular websites, you should be fine with a download speed of 1 Mbps. Gaming and streaming services will require something faster. We suggest a speed of 10 Mbps or faster to avoid lag time.

If everyone in the household uses the Internet separately to game or stream videos through Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, you’ll want an even faster connection. Too many people on the same server will slow things significantly. We recommend a speed above 3 Mbps for standard definition, 6-9 Mpbs for high definition, and 15 Mbps for 4K streaming – these are all per device.

Lagging sites and slower speeds can be frustrating and time consuming. The quicker you’re able to get online and watch your favorite show, the quicker you’re able to get to other tasks around the house. Faster Internet is a time saver for everyone.  

Faster Internet speeds are also important in the workplace. Websites will load much quicker. Download and upload speeds will increase, including updates in software. Productivity will increase as a result, and employees won’t become frustrated by annoying lag times.

If your business offers Wi-Fi to customers, a high-speed connection will keep them happy.  Many times, people look for a hotel, restaurant, or café with free Wi-Fi. Equally important to free is fast. Everyone’s time is valuable, so making sure the service you offer is fast will ensure repeat business. A poor Internet connection can spell doom among those who value the service.

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