Business Phone to Go

Phone to GoLet’s face it, we’re all busy. Gone are the days of sitting around the office waiting for phone calls. Technology allows us to get out and hustle on the road. That’s where the action is anyway. However, being away from the desk and missing calls could cost you business.

But with Futiva Hosted Communications’ VoIP phones your office can go anywhere and at anytime. The Find Me/Follow Me option allows you to have all your devices ring at once or calls can follow you by ringing sequentially. The technology allows calls to be sent to any other number or device with the Call Forwarding option.

The technology works with more than just smartphones and desk phones. Tablets and laptops can be connected through this system too. Location doesn’t matter. While it may not sound appealing, you can still get those calls you might miss while on vacation forwarded right to your phone on the beach. The process is seamless and the client on the other end will never know (unless they hear the crashing of the waves in the background).

Not only will this service increase your employees’ productivity, it’ll also boost customer satisfaction. Your customers won’t have to sit and wait for someone to return a call. There will always be a way to connect with a “real” person. That satisfaction will lead to repeat business, referrals and a better bottom line for the company. It’s a win-win situation.

But not only does this equipment keep you in touch with customers or clients, but your staff can stay connected too. Our nCommand software allows employees to communicate with one another at anytime. Individual or group chats can originate on both a mobile device or a laptop.
Click here to listen to a satisfied customer’s experience with our phone services. You can call our office to get more information at 1-844-2FUTIVA.