A Futiva Christmas Story

A Futiva Christmas Story


Twas weeks before Christmas and frustration did grow.

All because the internet speed was really too slow.
Mamma was trying to avoid all the pain
By making her cookies and sweet candy canes.
But the speed was so slow the sites would not load.
Our information superhighway had bumps in the road.
The kids couldn’t stream movies like Elf and the Grinch.
I needed a solution, to get out of this pinch.

My neighbors exclaimed their connection had speed.
So I talked with them and explained all of our needs.
I was told fiber optic from Futiva is faster than all.
They’ll come out real quick if you just give a call.

So I picked up my phone and dialed the number.
The reaction was fast, their tech did not lumber.
Fiber internet was installed and the family was happy.
The speeds were so fast and everything snappy.

The movies they played without any buffering.
And all those sweet treats were made with no suffering.
On Christmas we chatted with family who live far away.
The video connection was strong through the day.
So thank you Futiva, you’ve brought us great joy.
The fiber is better than any old toy.

Merry Christmas from Futiva to all of you. Call us today at 844-238-8482.