Futiva: Satisfaction Guaranteed


Mick Jagger once sang “I can’t get no satisfaction.”

We’re pretty sure that’s because Mick and The Rolling Stones hadn’t been introduced to Futiva. We’ve been serving southern Illinois since 2014, but Hamilton County Telephone Co-op, of which we are a subsidiary, started in 1953. As we continue to grow and expand, so does the satisfaction rate among our customers.

Ozburn Insurance Agency is just one of our satisfied clients. Julie Schaldemose says making the switch to Futiva was the right decision. “I would recommend Futiva. It’s been a cost savings for our business, as well as it gives us more flexibility to do the things we wanted to do to run a business.” You can hear more from Julie here.

Futiva Fiber is connecting more people to the internet and much faster as well. Our coverage area has grown and we’re proud to say there are satisfied Futiva clients in Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Saline, Wayne, White and Williamson counties.

We’re so confident about the service we provide, we don’t require our clients to sign a contract. That promise goes out to both our residential and business customers. Other providers in the area don’t have that level of certainty with their services and lock customers into a deal that protects the provider and not YOU.

Our services include everything from fiber internet, VoIP phones and hosted fax. Clients appreciate the fact that Futiva is local and has been a part of this region for more than 60 years. Our services are also affordable; saving money for clients. Productivity is increased, making Futiva a dependable choice as well.

For a free consultation and to learn more about what Futiva can offer you, call us at 844-2Futiva.