Here’s a Little Something Extra

Extra ToppingsIce cream is good. But adding whipped cream, hot fudge and a cherry on top makes it even better.

That’s how we look at the services we provide here at Futiva. Our internet or phone services are great on their own. But when you add some of the extra features it makes your experience even greater.

No matter the size of your company, our auto attendant can give your customers or clients the sense they’re dealing with a large, professional operation. This feature also allows users to better direct calls. That means less chance for missing important messages and leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Call recording allows you to review customer service. This will let you know how your team is doing when dealing with your customer base. The feature Futiva offers has the ability to be set manually on a per call basis or automatically. Those recordings can be replayed on the spot, downloaded to a computer and listened to later or sent as an email to share and review.

Hosted faxing can replace the outdated fax machine in the office. Documents are sent to and from a selected portal. There’s no more worrying about typing in a number or losing important messages in a stack of other meaningless papers. This service also saves on toner, cartridges and paper.

Another extra provided by Futiva is a toll free number. There are several benefits attached to providing your customers with this service. It gives them an easy way to reach your company at any time. Toll free numbers are typically easy to remember, especially if it’s a “vanity number.” (Think 1-800-FLOWERS). Toll free numbers are also a great marketing tool and provide some credibility to your company. Lastly, if you move your operation, the toll free number won’t have to change with your address. That’s something a standard phone service can’t offer.

These are just a few of the “cherries” we put on top of the great basic service Futiva provides. We practice what we preach too. If you want to learn more about our additional services, call 1-844-2FUTIVA today.