Business Phone – Why Do I Need One?

As everyone moves to texting and emails, the business phone conversation can truly make a more memorable impact for customers.

Many people have canceled landlines in exchangeBusiness Phone for a smartphone that can handle calls, texts and emails in one device. One study found we spend 26 minutes a day texting and only six minutes actually talking on the phone. However, business owners should not hang up on the idea of phone conversations.

A phone call that connects your customers with a human voice is a rarity. Even though many Americans would rather text, consumers still appreciate the opportunity to talk to someone when they have a question, concern or need immediate attention. Texting and email may be fast and convenient, but they’re impersonal forms of communication. A phone call can’t be misinterpreted. The voice tone and spoken words leave little to misunderstand. Written messages can be misunderstood and need more clarification, which takes more time.

Conference calls are often used in businesses to connect people in different parts of the country or world. The phone makes that process more convenient and eliminates the need to travel or book a facility to hold a meeting. Technology like video conferencing can make these conversations more interactive and beneficial for people who learn better with visual aids.

A conversation on the phone is also confidential. Emails and text messages can be retrieved even after their deleted. However some businesses record phone conversations between employees and customers for training. But deleted voicemail messages can’t be retrieved and do not leave a record of the conversation.

The impersonal text or email system can also be unsafe in a constantly moving world. Phone calls, on the other hand, do not require someone to take their eyes of the road when driving to hold a conversation. Some states have even banned cell phones from being used in the car unless it’s on a hands-free device. Bluetooth technology is a safer option than texting or emailing behind the wheel.

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