Additional Services

Futiva offers a wide variety of additional services and features that compliment our hosted communications solution. These features are designed to give your business and employees more flexibility and control to intuitively manage call flow, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive key business metrics. 

Web Collaboration

Every Futiva business telephone system comes with access to one FREE Auto Attendant. Should your business require additional Auto Attendants for advanced call routing they can be added for $9.99 / mo. 

Advanced Auto Attendant: $24.99/ mo.

This advanced service gives your business even more control and depth in call routing. The Advanced Auto Attendant allows for up to three layers of fully configurable press-offs, especially great for company’s that extensive support options. 

A truly hosted audio bridge means that you and your team always have a place to meet. For $14.99 / mo users will receive a DID, moderator PIN, and a guest pass code for each audio bridge within the PBX. 

*Audio Bridges are limited to 15 users. Additional fees will be incurred for exceeding the user limit. Fees include $2.99 per user over 15 users + $0.02/minute/user.

Call Recording is a fantastic resource for Customer Service Reps, Lawyers, and other legal professionals searching for a way to capture and document conversations. For only $9.99 / mo Call Recording can easily be assigned to a user and activated directly from the phone or admin portal. 

A Common Area Seat is nothing more than a telephone that typically sits in an area of a business that is only used for outgoing calls. This is usually a waiting room, courtesy phone, or a break room. 

$9.99 / mo

*Requires the purchase of a Polycom VVX desk phone at an additional cost.

Futiva offers two varieties of it’s hosted faxing platform:

  • Personal Hosted Fax $9.99 / mo
  • Shared Hosted Fax $24.99 / mo

Hosted Faxing eliminates the need for a traditional fax machine and the expenses that go along with maintaining that.

Instead users send and receive faxes via our Customer Administration Portal in an easy to manage user interface. Faxes are delivered right to the corresponding users email in box for easy retrieval.

Basic voicemail service that is assigned its own extension and can be used to route calls from an Auto Attendant, Hunt Group, or Call Center.

$2.99 / mo

Toll Free Numbers are $9.99 / mo and can be used to give your customers a toll free inbound calling option.

*Toll Free usage charges are $0.02 / minute

A Virtual Extension is needed when you have a worker who may not need a desk phone but would still like to be apart of the telephone system. Virtual Extensions can be pointed to any 10-digit domestic or toll free number.

$9.99 / mo

With each PBX Futiva will port your existing published telephone number for free. However in some cases we know that business require more than one published telephone number. In this instance additional Virtual Numbers could be ordered and ported.

$9.99 / mo

Our Web Collaboration tools give users of any kind their own space to share desktop screens, hold remote training seminars, and deliver unique whiteboard style presentations all for one low monthly price of $19.98 / mo.